About 10 years ago I started out on a journey to create a comic book based news site because, well, I had nothing better to do and so I did. As time went on the site grew leaps and bounds. What started out as a website focused on comic books turned into much more, expanding to all walks of pop culture.

I had a lot of fun working on that site, meeting many wonderful people along the way that had a strong passion for comic books. Eventually, life got in the way and I had to move on from the site and ultimately decided to shut the site down. That was a sad day!

But now, I’m back! Ready for round 2!

So why start over?

For one, I love comic books!  Running this website is my way of sharing my passion for something that has been a huge part of my life for over 30 years.

So what’s the plan this time around?

Simple really. ComicNews.us is dedicated to providing you with the latest comic book news, reviews, previews and if you’re lucky an original article every now and then, nothing more, nothing less.  No TV, No movies, No video games. Just Comics!  That’s the focus this time around!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you make us a part of your daily journey!

In case you are wondering…….

ComicNews.us accepts review copies.
If you are interested in having your comic book reviewed feel free to contact me by using our contact form.

Some legal talk to cover our butt…
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