Crowdfunding Spotlight- Dark Matter: Rise of the Lexicons

In this weeks edition of Crowdfunding Spotlight we put our spotlight on the latest project from Advent Comics, Dark Matter: Rise of the Lexicons.

Described as an action fantasy mixed with a touch of science fiction that deals with intrigue, deception and revenge as a new Camelot rises. Dark Matter: Rise of the Lexicons follows the success of several other Kickstarter projects from writer Tony Kittrell, Alliance of Evil, Streetz and Titan The Ultra Man. In Dark Matter you’ll be introduced to a never before seen section of the Advent Comics Universe with a wide range of new characters.

Here is a synopsis on what you can expect from this story.
The story focuses around the race known as the Lexicons and the royal family Clan Kenna, led by Blas Kenna, as they rule and protect their home on Inteza. But there are dark forces conspiring against their rule and threatening to destroy everything that they hold dear. This first issue introduces you to the characters that populate this strange realm.

Not only does the story sound interesting but the pencils and inks from artist, Samuel Santos, Zipactli JL, Beniamino Delvecchio, Whitney Cook, Raphael Kazeem and letterer/cover artist Cristian Docolomansky, look outstanding.

Dark Matter Page 1
Dark Matter Page 1 with colors

As far as rewards go, backers won’t be disappointed as there are plenty of rewards available, including original art prints, t-shirts, VIP club membership and much more!

Dark Matter: Rise of the Lexicons needs to raise $2000 by August 1st in order for the project to be funded. The funding will cover coloring, lettering, printing and shipping.

You can check out their Kickstarter page here.